Private guided tours of Volterra

Volterra is widely considered to be the quintessential Tuscan hill town, offering many possibilities for a half or full-day tour.
My guided tours always involve art and history, and can focus on:

  • A general overview of Volterra
  • the Etruscan and Roman periods
  • the Middle Ages

Volterra is hauntingly beautiful and magically captivating.

But one of the aspects that really sets Volterra apart is the fact that it is Tuscany’s oldest continuously-inhabited town, with settlements documented since 1,500 B.C. The town is essentially a microcosm of the historical developments of the region of Tuscany, and thus enables you to better understand the Tuscany as a whole in a context that is, at the same time, enchanting and still off-the-beaten-track.

Through my tours, I aim to introduce you to Volterra’s particular history and also give you the knowledge and tools to better interpret other Tuscan towns you may visit on your own during your stay.

To cover most of the important sites in Volterra, I suggest a 3-hour tour.
The tours are always private and do not include transportation.
My rate is 120 Euro for a basic tour (1-2 hours) and 60 Euro for each additional hour. This fee is per group, and not per person.

If you would like to inquire about or book a tour, please send us an email.

Traditional Guided Tour of Volterra – Art & History
Being a private tour, the itinerary is very flexible and can be personalized. Here is a list of the main sights I usually cover:

  • Piazza dei Priori, the main square, center of civic power since the 8th century
  • Porta all'Arco, the 4th c. BC Etruscan gate to the city walls
  • 12th century Cathedral
  • ruins of the Roman Theater (40 BC) and Roman Baths (3rd c. AD), from the wall above the ruins
  • a great alabaster-carving studio


If you have at least 3 hours, we can also visit the marvellous Guarnacci Etruscan Museum and/or the intimate Pinacoteca (Medieval, Renaissance and Mannerist art). Tickets are not included in my tour fee.
Here is the official website for the Museums in Volterra with updated prices and opening hours.

An Unforgettable Day in Volterra – a glass of wine always helps!
If you are interested in wine, you may want to consider a 1 or 2 hour private wine tasting at the end of the guided tour of Volterra with me. My husband and business partner, Francesco Gronchi, is a certified sommelier and at a local wine bar he will engage you in a conversation about the history and traditions of the wines, and can teach you wine-tasting techniques. Francesco’s fee is 60 euro per hour, and the wine costs can be paid separately to the wine bar (about 25 euro per person for the standard tasting).

There are many ways to create a fun full-day experience in Volterra – see our personalized tours page.

If you are a single traveller or do not have much time in Volterra, you may be interested in the 1-hour group Volterra Walking Tour that I and my local colleagues run.