One of the greatest things about travel is touching the remnants of a place’s history with your own hands and experiencing the culture of the people you encounter.

Tuscans are deep-rooted people, with more than 3,000 years of history and artistic production, from the Etruscans who were master goldsmiths and carvers, to the Medici of Florence, not to mention Botticelli, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, or the incredible gourmand Catherine de’ Medici who brought elegance and inspiration to French tables.

But the true treasure of Tuscany is it’s wine.

In Tuscany wine-making is as ancient as the land, with clear evidence that the Etruscans took it quite seriously, and is a tradition that continues to the present day thanks to the steadfast love and faith that the winegrowers of Chianti, Brunello and Nobile have for the Sangiovese grape.

In a fiercely independent land known for refusing to bow before any king, perhaps the Sangiovese grapevine is the only true king.

Wine in Tuscany is considered a living being, one of the greatest cultural manifestations of tradition and vitality. It is imbedded in the DNA of the region’s people, it is the soul of the land. A visit to Tuscany will never be complete unless you experience its wine culture.

Join the native-Tuscan sommelier, Francesco Gronchi, for an experience that will give you an intimate understanding of Tuscan wines.

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