Wine Tastings

Why do a wine-tasting instead of visiting a winery?

The two experiences are actually complimentary.
Our wine-tastings are structured so you can compare differences. A winery may produce different wines, but you’ll never encounter the same vast differences as you do between one producer or category and another.
By comparing a Chianti Classico with a Brunello di Montalcino, or a Supertuscan with a Nobile di Montepulciano, you can understand what you like, and start to unravel the mystery of why you like it.

The wine tastings are aimed for those of you who:

  • don’t want to drive home after tasting at a winery

  • plan on visiting wineries during your stay, and would like to know more about Tuscan wines before experiencing the specifics of single producers (there’s nothing like being able to ask intelligent questions!)

  • like drinking a glass of wine now and then and would like to know more about it

  • collect wine or follow wine trends and would like in-depth information on Tuscan wine

  • want to enjoy themselves drinking wine while speaking with someone who is, though not a wine-snob, slightly fixated with the stuff.

We offer two types of wine-tastings:

Join Francesco Gronchi at a local wine-bar for a tasting of 4 or 5 of the region’s most representative wines. The tasting is structured as a conversation on the history and traditions of the wines, as well as an informal lesson on wine-tasting techniques.

Duration: 1 hr, 90 min or 2 hr (you decide)

Cost: €60 per hour, plus wine costs (about €25 per person, including a sampler plate of local products)


Francesco Gronchi and his staff will come to your villa for a private wine tasting.

These tastings represent an extraordinary opportunity to gain an intimate understanding of the history, politics, traditions and realities of Tuscan (or Italian) wine-making, and not least of all to drink and contemplate superlative wines.

The wine tasting includes professional glassware (for up to 8 persons) and nibblers.

The wines tasted vary based on the theme chosen; suggested themes include:

  • Sangiovese – The Tuscan King (6 wines)

  • The Reds of Tuscany – tradition and innovation (4 or more wines)

  • The Best of Tuscany – from Biondi-Santi to Sassicaia (7 wines)

  • Supertuscans – (5 wines)

  • Italian Whites – from the Alps to the Islands (5 or more wines)

  • Italian Bubbles – who needs champagne? (5 or more wines)

  • Vertical tastings of a single label (on request)

  • Horizontal tastings of a specific vintage (on request)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: €300, plus wine costs (on request)