Weddings in Tuscany

Tuscan Tour is a small company run exclusively by its founders and owners, Annie Adair and Francesco Gronchi, who were themselves married in Tuscany in 2001. Annie was born and raised in Washington DC and moved to Italy after finishing her studies at Brown University, and Francesco is a native Tuscan who grew up in Volterra and studied in Siena before living for a brief period in the United States.

After being surprised by the number of difficulties they encountered in planning their own wedding in Tuscany, Annie and Francesco decided that they could use their experience to help others – this experience now includes scores of weddings planned for couples of all faiths and nationalities throughout Tuscany.

In matters as delicate and personal as weddings, trust and understanding are always fundamental, but all the more so when you are planning a destination wedding in a foreign country.

As your wedding planners, we can serve as your “cultural interpreters”, finding a balance between what foreign couples expect and the best that Tuscany has to offer. We will also take care of all the bureaucratic details required for your wedding in Italy, often one of the most difficult aspects of the entire wedding.



Planning a Tuscan Wedding

Tuscan Tour is based in Volterra, an idyllic hill-top town in the heart of Tuscany that is a perfect location for weddings of all kinds, but also organizes weddings throughout Tuscany in towns such as Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Certaldo, Castellina in Chianti, and many more.

Tuscan Tour’s wedding services fall into two different categories: for those planning a small and intimate wedding we offer all-inclusive packages; and for those planning a larger wedding, or those who would like the most options and flexibility in planning their wedding, we offer wedding consultation services.

One of the aspects of Tuscan Tour that sets it apart from most other wedding-planning agencies is the fact that Annie and Francesco personally follow and oversee all of the weddings they plan – from the initial contact, through the planning stages, and on the wedding day itself. The results are personalized weddings that truly reflect the uniqueness of each couple; Tuscan Tour weddings are never standardized events.

As destination weddings are rarely single-day events, you may be interested in the personalized day-tours, city walking tours and activities that Tuscan Tour can arrange for you and your guests during the weekend or week of your stay.