Civil weddings

Civil weddings are officiated by the mayor or a town councilmember and cannot be held in private venues such as villas or gardens, nor can they be held in religious buildings such as churches or chapels. Civil weddings can only be held in the town hall or other town-owned spaces specifically designated by the town council.

Take a look at the photos of the town halls we suggest for weddings and you will see that these “limitations” really aren’t so bad after all!

Most town halls we suggest using welcome personalized ceremonies, so you can make your wedding as simple or as ceremonious as you like, incorporating music, readings, floral decorations, recessionals, and so forth.

To perform the civil wedding (and issue the subsequent marriage license) the town hall requires a series of documents that must be prepared in your home country and in Italy. Depending on the country, the necessary documents may need to be prepared at your Consulate in Florence, Rome or Milan and your physical presence at the appointment at the Consulate may be required (or in some cases we can request the documents for you). In most cases you will need to be in Italy about 5 business days before your planned wedding date; town halls also require that you have 2 witnesses at the actual wedding ceremony and, if you and your witnesses are not fluent in Italian, an official interpreter.

We are physically present at each wedding we organize so that you have someone you trust to take care of all of the details and ensure everything runs smoothly.

What we do for you

Wedding in VolterraWe inform you of the documents you must prepare in your home country and, once they are prepared, we review them to make sure they are in order and you won’t have any nasty surprises once you arrive in Italy. In some cases we can prepare the documents (such as the Atto Notorio to be obtained at the Italian Court House) for you. We make all of the necessary appointments for you once in Italy (at your Consulate, at various Italian government offices, at the town hall, at the court house), we accompany you to these meetings, and we act as your witnesses and interpreters at these meetings. We also provide you with assistance in translating your documents, if required, for offices in your home country or in Italy. At the ceremony itself we act as the interpreter and can provide you with the 2 witnesses required by law should you not have your own witnesses among your guests. Finally, we insure that you receive multiple copies of the marriage license in a form that will be legally valid in your home country.

Town Halls We Suggest

We are happy to suggest other town halls in Tuscany that might better suit your specific needs and interests

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