Our services

When we help couples plan their wedding in Tuscany we usually start with a process of understanding what kind of wedding they want and the types of services they need. This process usually involves several emails and a phone conversation that can really help us explain all of the possibilities available to you, and can help you to better understand how we can help. Once a general framework is established we will send you a personalized proposal for an all-inclusive package or for our consultation services.

This requires a bit of patience on your part (you might think it would be easier to instantly choose from a list of standardized package proposals directly from our website) – but because we strongly believe that even the smallest and simplest wedding should reflect each couple, we hope you will agree that this initial dialogue is well worth the wait.

The first step …

is to determine how we can best work together.

To decide whether you are interested in an all-inclusive wedding package or in our wedding consultation services, you may want to consider the following questions:


If you identify with one or more of the following statements you may want an

all-inclusive package

  • We want a simple wedding
  • We have already decided – or almost decided – what kind of bouquet, music, photographic service etc we want
  • We are comfortable letting Tuscan Tour decide the specific service providers who are best for our wedding
  • We will not have any guests at our wedding (what we call a planned elopement!) or we will have less than 20 guests
  • We are interested in hosting the reception dinner in a restaurant

If you identify with one or more of the following statements you may want to use our
consultation services

  • We want flexibility, lots of options, and hands-on assistance throughout the planning process
  • We want a wedding that is custom-tailored in every aspect
  • We do not yet know how many guests we will have – or – we will have more than 20 guests
  • We have an idea of the type of wedding we want, but we’re really not clear on the details yet
  • We want elaborate wedding festivities
  • We want a simple wedding … but we really want to explore all our options
  • We want to hold our reception dinner in a private venue and use a catering service

Wedding in VolterraThe second step …

is deciding where to hold your wedding – both the ceremony and the festivities.

Here is a selective list of our favorite venues

Villas, Castles, Private Gardens & More

The third step …

is to start focusing on the other details.

You might want to consider the following services which we can help arrange for you:

  • reception lunch or dinner
  • open-bar or bartender services
  • bridal bouquet and other flowers for the wedding party
  • floral decorations & illuminations for the ceremony & reception venues
  • musicians for the ceremony
  • transportation for wedding party & guests on the day of the wedding
  • live bands or deejays for the reception
  • photographer & videographer
  • personalized wedding favors
  • hairdressers & makeup artists for the bride and wedding party
  • other beauty & well-being treatments (manicures, massages, etc)
  • airport transfers for you and your guests
  • rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch or any other group meals you want to plan
  • private tours, visits to local wineries and other group activities during your stay.

If you would like more information on any of these services please contact us.

Each town hall, each church, each villa has its own special characteristics that influence the costs and possibilities of the various services you may choose. It is for this reason that it is really much better to first choose the location of the ceremony and festivities before planning the details and determining the costs of these services.