Religious weddings

Religious weddings are officiated by a priest, minister or rabbi of your faith. Depending on the requirements of the church and officiant, the ceremony may be held inside a church, chapel or synagogue or in outdoor gardens (the Catholic Church, for example requires the wedding be held inside a consecrated Catholic church, while most Protestant ministers and Reform rabbis are happy to perform ceremonies in outdoor settings).
To avoid the interference of an English-Italian interpreter in matters of faith and sacrament during the ceremony, we prefer to guide you towards churches, ministers and rabbis who can perform the ceremony in English. This may slightly limit the number of locations available to you, but we strongly believe that it is the right choice – there should be little room left for interpretation when it comes to the bond created by marriage.
Some couples prefer to bring their own religious officiant with them from home to celebrate their marriage and this is, of course, a choice we are happy to support.

We are physically present at each wedding we organize so that you have someone you trust to take care of all of the details and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Religious weddings in Italy are not in and of themselves sufficient to obtain a marriage license.
  • Depending on the religion, you may either obtain a marriage license in your home country or obtain this in Italy by presenting and preparing the same documentation required for a civil wedding in Italy.
  • To perform a religious wedding in Italy you may need to prepare additional documentation through the diocese, parish or synagogue you attend in your home country such as certificates of baptism, a certificate attesting to your preparation and readiness for marriage, etc.
Religious ceremonies

What we do for you

First and foremost we help you choose the right location and officiant for your ceremony, subsequently acting as liaisons between you and the officiant. In this way we ensure the officiant receives all of the necessary paperwork to perform the ceremony and we help you to plan a meaningful and beautiful ceremony, incorporating family traditions, and weaving together traditional elements from ceremonies in Italy and your home country when possible.