Symbolic ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies are the easiest to plan as there is no documentation required and as they are not officiated by a religious or public official, there is no one to tell you how the ceremony can or cannot be laid out.
They can really be held just about anywhere (except, of course, inside a church or public building), at any time, and in any way.
Many brides and grooms choose to do a symbolic wedding on the grounds of their villa, or in other scenic points such as a terrace overlooking the roofs of Florence or inside the archeological site of the Roman Theater in Volterra.
If you do not have the time to prepare the documentation required for a civil or religious wedding, you stumble across tension when trying to choose the religion in which you and your spouse will be married, or you are simply not interested in a civil or religious wedding, a symbolic ceremony could be the right choice for you.

With a symbolic ceremony you have the freedom to create your own ceremony with any readings, music and vows you choose.

The officiant for a symbolic ceremony is neither a religious minister or a civil servant, but simply a person who conducts the ceremony as per your requests. This can be done by a friend or relative of the bride and groom, or we can help you find the right person in Tuscany to conduct the ceremony for you.

What we do for you

We assist you in planning the wedding ceremony of your dreams, suggesting texts, songs and other elements that can be included.

We can provide you with an English-speaking officiant who will celebrate this symbolic ceremony as per your requests.