Civil weddings

A civil wedding is the most straightforward way of obtaining a marriage license in Italy. Civil weddings are almost always held in town hall buildings – but don’t think that this means you’ll get married in a drab office. Town hall buildings are often exquisite examples of Italy’s finest medieval and renaissance palaces, adorned with frescos, paintings by Italy’s great masters, and rich in history and ambience.

Town of Volterra

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Religious weddings

As you may have imagined, the main religion in Italy is Catholicism and consequently the vast majority of churches in Tuscany are Catholic churches. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot be married in other faiths. Within Tuscany there are several Protestant churches and Jewish synagogues, and weddings of almost every faith can also be held in private villas and gardens.

San Girolamo wedding

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Symbolic weddings

Symbolic weddings are just that – symbolic. They can be held indoors or outdoors, by day or by night, with any sort of readings, music and vows you may fancy – since there is no legal validity (a marriage license is not issued in this case – in Italy there is no figure similar to that of the American justice of the peace) there are no legal requirements.

symbolic wedding

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